Quick Answer: My Summer Car How To Repair Body?

How do I get new parts for my summer car?

Fleetari sells spare parts at the store. Spare parts can be found on a shelf inside the store next to the front door. Parts need to be uninstalled from the engine before they can be found and purchased in the store.

How do I delete a Meshsave my summer car?

Instead of doing that, I found an easier way to fix it.

  1. Delete your meshsave.txt from C:Users{accountname}AppDataLocalLowAmistechMy Summer Car.
  2. Load your savegame, a fresh meshsave.
  3. Right click it, click on properties and set the file to read-only.
  4. Click on apply and then on OK.

How do I stop my summer car from exhausting?

Fatigue. The player character can sleep in the bed in his home, on the landfill sofa, the cottage sofa, the back of the Gifu, the rear of the Ruscko or on the rear seats of the Satsuma. One can also brew coffee, or buy some directly from Pub Nappo, which will cause the fatigue bar to stop increasing as fast for a while

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How can I get money for my summer car?

Ways to obtain money

  1. Pumping septic tanks with the Gifu.
  2. Delivering firewood to the firewood guy.
  3. Brewing kilju and selling it to Jokke.
  4. Driving Jokke home from Pub Nappo at night.
  5. Playing ventti, the Finnish version of.

How do you cheat in a summer car?

My Summer Car Cheat Codes and Console Commands drag: Using this code will teleport you directly to the Airstrip for drag races. hemo: Using this code will teleport you to your Home. lefa: Using this code will teleport you to the Car Repair Shop. keke: Using this code will activate in-game Invincibility.

How long does it take for parts to come in my summer car?

Click here to jump to that post. > Delivery of the postal order takes roughly 1 hour and 25 minutes of real time.

What is the best gear ratio in my summer car?

Anywhere between 14.0 and 14.5 is best for general driving, the performance difference is noticeable but the car will consume less fuel and parts may last longer. Any higher than 14.8 will reduce performance, although an AFR of ~16 may be considered most economical.

How do I open the console in my summer car?

The console is accessed by opening the options menu with F1 or ESC. Commands can be entered by typing on the keyboard while having the console open and pressing ⏎.

Where is my summer car save file?

The save files are text documents used by the game to save the player’s progress. There is only one save slot in My Summer Car, which means that starting a new game will overwrite it unless it is backed up. The folder containing the save files can be found in the AppDataLocalLowAmistech folder.

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Where is the hammer in my summer car?

It can be found in the garage at home, leaning against the wall next to the table. Primarily, it is used for breaking into the mansion and breaking windows.

Is there a map on my summer car?

found in the player’s home above the telephone table shows the area surrounding lake Peräjärvi (lit. end/bottom/rear lake) in the (fictional) municipality of Alivieska, Finland. The map covers an area of about 4.2 × 3.3 kilometers. The map is from 1989 so it’s at least six years old in-game.

How should you sleep in a summer car?

Go to the bed, move your mouse until you see “SLEEP” and press F. Sleep does not save the state of the game!

How do you shower in a summer car?

The shower can be turned on by first opening the water valve on the left-hand side of the faucet, then pulling up the knob in the centre. The shower faucet can also be used to fill the water/brewing bucket, and to drink water.

How do I put my car in summer mode?

To start the minibike, turn the handle with the mouse to the ON position at the bottom. Set behind the minibike and press ENTER when you see ENTER DRIVING MODE text – you will go into driving mode.

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